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We are delighted to have you visit; a fuse box catalog with fuse diagrams and relay blocks. The diagrams and locations vary according to car make and model, though.

Our material will be useful to all motorists. We will tell you where the fuses are located, what they are responsible for, and how to replace them correctly. Due to the presence of decoding relay blocks, you do not have to guess or manually sort through them to find out which one is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and which one is responsible for the headlights or interior lighting. Now all the schemes with video instructions are on our website.

Not always, in order to get rid of the problem with the car, you need to contact the service. With the help of our material, you will find out the exact location of the required fuse and replace it yourself, which means you will save a lot of money.

Take advantage of our experience in this area, and read the recommendations in the โ€œfeaturedโ€ section. And if you want to share your knowledge, we will be glad to receive your comments.

What are automotive electrical fuses?

Fuses are electrical components designed to protect an electrical circuit from overcurrent and prevent exceeding its current-carrying capacity. To clarify, they are the only protection for all electrical equipment installed in your car:

  • Audio system;
  • Lights;
  • Power windows;
  • Cigar lighter / Power outlet;
  • Etc.

If there is an overcurrent in the circuit, a fuse blows, disconnecting an appliance from the power supply. Thus, it protects the appliance from failure. A blown fuse could be the cause of a malfunctioning electrical device in your vehicle. In this case, you simply need to replace it to solve the problem.

What does a blown fuse look like?

Inspect a metal strip (fusible element). A damaged one means the fuse has blown. If so, you need to replace it. However, even if the fuse is blown, the wire may appear to be intact.

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